LOVERAMICS 愛陶樂 | 現代玻璃系列 180ml 光折卡布奇諾玻璃杯 (透明)


  • 愛陶樂是國際知名咖啡杯盤品牌,連續多年獲選世界拉花大賽WLAC指定杯,杯測碗、玻璃杯、手沖咖啡濾杯、DaleHarris冠軍聯名款也獲很高評價。
  • 光折玻璃杯是新款的系列,共有12個面,在光線下折射出不同的光芒,帶出最美的視覺饗宴。
  • 壁厚達5mm,保溫性極佳,比一般的玻璃杯耐用上許多。
  • 杯底如同蛋型杯呈現圓弧狀,讓奶泡 crema可以完整發展,帶出咖啡最佳口感。
  • 可以搭配200ml蛋形杯的盤子 (14.5cm) 使用。
  • 共有兩個容量120ml及180ml,適合cortado/piccolo的飲品。
  • 由英國陶瓷設計大師Simon Steven設計。
  • 尺寸:8.7 x 8.7 x 8.7㎝
  • 容量:180ml
  • 材質:玻璃



Designed by LOVERAMICS

  • Manufactured under SCA standards
  • Thickest possible wall keeps coffee at right temperature
  • Round base allows full flavour to be developed
  • Very dense body (<0.5% absorption rate); commercial grade high fired porcelain at 1300c
  • Wide range of capacities; many colours available
  • Its egg shape gives you a simple and warm feeling


尺寸8.7 × 8.7 × 8.7 cm



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Glass is a great alternative material to our porcelain cups. It is a green, 100% recyclable, strong and non porous material. However, we found there arevery few choices of glasses for baristas to choose from.

We took all we learnt from our professional coffee cups range, put all the key requirements you asked for into our latte glass.

It has a thickness of 5mm, which retains heat extremely well. It has an interesting twisted exterior that refract light differently, with a curved interior that has the same feature as our porcelain cups. The continuous curve lets the crema develop fully and gives an amazing mouth feel.

They both fit in perfectly with our Egg 14.5cm saucer and our Tulip 14cm saucer, an easy choice for those who already committed to our World Latte Art ChampionshipŠ—Ès official cups. And yes, they will stack as well on top of your machine.

Available in 120ml and 180ml, they are great for cortado/piccolo, or a regular cappuccino. Be creative with your drinks presentation, whether it’s cocktail, fizzy party drinks or your table water.


Designed by Simon Stevens

Simon Stevens is an award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. Simon has worked with some of World’s most prestigious ceramic manufacturers and has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK. He has headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continues his design career in the established Simon Stevens Design Studio based in London. Simon’s dynamic creativity resulted in his most successful designs being in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art.